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Check issued by a financial institution which functions as cash but is protected against loss or theft. Traveler's checks are useful when traveling, especially in case of overseas travel when not all credit and debit cards carried by a person will be accepted. A charge or commission is usually incurred when a person exchanges cash for traveler's checks, though some issuers provide them free of charge.

The Convenience of Travelers Checks
As part of your membership, travelers checks and dual-signature checks can be purchased without a fee at your local club office. The dual-signature checks allow two parties to sign the checks so either one can use them.

Travelers checks allow you to travel overseas and carry as much money as you need to cover expenses on your trip. You'll have peace of mind knowing that should they go missing or get stolen, you can receive replacement checks, so you won't lose any money or any time enjoying your trip.

Tips for Using Travelers Checks:
When you receive your checks, sign them on the top line as directed and put them in a safe place, separate from the receipts
The receipts should be kept separately so that if the checks are lost or stolen, you have a record of their purchase, and they can be replaced immediately
When you decide to make a purchase, make sure the merchant accepts travelers checks
Keep in mind when you purchase traveler checks that denominations under $100 are easier for merchants to deal with
Before you begin filling the check out, wait until you receive the total purchase amount
Sign the check as the clerk watches, and if requested, present your identification

In most businesses around the world, travelers checks are considered the same as cash, making them a convenient, practical way to protect you from loss, theft, and headaches.

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