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Health insurance is an absolute necessity for students, yet a surprising number of students, both studying medicine and other fields, rely on their university's student health care clinic rather than paying for insurance.

In short, student health clinics suck. They really don't provide the coverage you need while at school.

You should have a health insurance plan separate from the basic student clinic options. You're not likely to catch kleptomania from your clients in law school. In medical school, though, you are exposed almost daily to TB, HIV, and a host of other infectious diseases. You don't want to rely on the student clinic nurse to work up that differential diagnosis.

Also, a student insurance health plan is usually required if you're going to do a sub-internship away from your medical school.

Professional courtesy by a physician is often extended to medical students. Unfortunately this doesn't usually cover the deductible - and you can't count on it. So in choosing a health plan, make sure the deductible is something you can live with.

Several insurance providers cater to students (istudentinsurance, for example); and college student health insurance programs are available in all states from a variety of providers.. You should definitely shop around at more than one provider - prices and coverage can vary tremendously. If you've recently graduated, or intend to graduate in the near future, you should purchase individual medical insurance rather than student insurance.

If you intend to leave the US (or alternatively, come to the US) while you're a student, you'll need additional health insurance. Several companies specialize in travel medical insurance and international health insurance for students. The most prominent is International Student Insurance.

An eligible undergraduate student is defined as a person carrying at least nine credit hours. An eligible graduate student must meet the graduate student guidelines of the college or university for full-time student status. Students must attend a state-accredited college or university in the United States.

NOTE: Some schools operate on a quarterly schedule where full-time undergraduate status is considered to be six to eight credits per term. If this is the case, you should tell us in writing (attached to the application) that you are attending a school with a quarterly class schedule and are meeting the school's definition of full-time status.

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