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Formoy Finance&Money Information Service. takes pride in providing honest real estate financing counseling and real estate finance services to you at the best value for your dollar. Our features is a huge selection of company, quote, counseling, solution, problem and more.
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Commercial real estate provides advisory services to the commercial real estate industry. In addition to our institutional advisory practice we serve corporate clients and owners/users that require the best in commercial real estate expertise to maximize their return on investment, assets, equity and operations. The process of financing, developing, constructing or managing commercial real estate is a fluid and ever-changing process that is increasing in complexity, requiring specialized knowledge and skills not generally found within most organizations. Commercial real estate owners, users, lenders and investors are confronted by such diverse factors as complex agency requirements, environmental regulations, a myriad of compliance related issues, local market considerations, political and geographic risk, portfolio risk, changing capital markets, building design technologies, planning and construction requirements, as well as fluctuating costs and market absorption rates. Any one of these factors can significantly impact overall investment performance.

Commercial Real Estate Solutions combine solid business logic; leading edge financial engineering and investment modeling; and real estate expertise to find the right solutions for your projects. We have the depth and breadth of skill sets and core competencies that allow us to customize superior commercial real estate solutions based upon the dynamics of the overall market, the micro-economics of specific markets, the commercial real estate capital markets and the unique requirements of our clients.

Types of commercial loan structures include: Permanent Financing ; Construction Debt; Structured Finance; Bridge Loans; Interim Financing; Equity Financing, and; Mezzanine Loans. Working closely with our commercial real estate advisory services group and our investment sales group we make sure that our clients have a capital formation strategy that the market will embrace.

There has been no shortage of conversation surrounding the topic of rising interest rates in the commercial capital markets over the last two years. The reason for all the column fodder is that interest rate movement has a direct impact on the state of capital markets supply and pricing and can have a very real impact on the overall commercial real estate market.

As a baseline for a deeper analysis it is useful to have a macro-economic understanding of what happens to property level supply and demand drivers and the resultant impact on Net Operating Income (NOI) in a rising interest rate environment. As a general economic principal when interest rates raise the cost of new construction increases thereby slowing the number of construction starts and depleting new supply of product coming online. This scenario in turn causes an increase in overall market absorption rates and creates a landlord market?environment. The environment which favors the landlord creates an opportunity for property owners to increase rents thereby allowing NOI growth to keep pace with any escalation in interest rates. While this scenario is favorable to existing property owners and making the rise in interest rates less of a concern, the impact to developers and tenants is detrimental and can have a negative overall impact on the economy if a high interest rate environment lasts for any length of time.

Flow of Funds: In a low interest rate environment real estate provides a reasonable investment alternative to other low yielding asset classes. With rising interest rates the supply-side availability of capital marked for commercial real estate will constrict. The aforementioned contraction will be due to a combination of reduced demand for new supply as weaker developers are weeded out of the market and alternate investment opportunities in other asset classes begin providing a better yield while being perceived to have less risk when contrasted to real estate investments.

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