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Formoy Finance&Money Information Service. takes pride in providing honest poor credit loans counseling and poor credit loan services to you at the best value for your dollar. Our features is a huge poor credit loans selection of company, quote, poor credit personal loan, poor credit home loan, poor credit mortgage loan, poor credit auto loan, poor credit car loan counseling, solution, settlement, problem and more.
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If you are a homeowner or mortgage payer with a bad credit rating and you want take out a loan, it makes sense to consult an expert finance broker who specialises in finding the best loans for people with adverse credit, CCJs, defaults, arrears, discharged bankrupts and people who are self employed.

Loans for Pool Credit

Simply complete our no obligation loan request form and let an expert broker search the major banks and finance houses in the UK to find a poor credit loan deal that's right for you. By not being tied to any particular bank or lender, you'll receive impartial advice on what is available and what is right for you. No matter what your circumstances, they'll search the entire market of over 100 different lenders to find the best bad credit loan rates for you.

Perhaps you have been refused a loan because of bad credit history, or have been told you have a low credit score because of past debt problems, or maybe you're having difficulty getting a loan because you are self employed. Whatever your situation there are lenders who can help and its important to shop around as loan rates vary immensely from lender to lender.

Click here to get a FREE loan quote - Let a specialist advisor search over 100 different lenders to find the best quote for you.

A specialist finance broker has access to the entire range of secured loans for people with a poor credit rating and can save you time and money by doing all the shopping around for you, ensuring you don't miss out on the cheapest rates. They will be familiar with specialist lenders you may not be aware of and will search the entire market on your behalf to find the best deal to suit your particular circumstances.

Whether you require a loan to consolidate debts, buy a car, pay for a holiday, home improvements or a wedding, help is available to get the finance you require. A homeowner loan allows you to borrow any sum between £3,000 and £100,000 over a repayment from 5 years up to 25 years. In certain circumstances, larger amounts up to £250,000 can be arranged.

If you are looking to consolidate your existing debts into one simple monthly payment, you might be surprised just how much you could save with a secured loan or a remortgage.

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