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Formoy Finance&Money Information Service. takes pride in providing honest home loan lenders counseling and home loan lender services to you at the best value for your dollar. Our features is a huge home loan lenders selection of company, quote, home lender mortgage, home lender loan, accredited home lender, loan lender counseling, solution, settlement, problem and more.
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Loans lender originates and manages a comprehensive range of loans for home owners and investors. We provide our customers with a unique Loans lender experience, from guiding them through the loan process, to ongoing management of the loan, and delivering our award winning customer service for the life of the loan.

Loans are distributed to our customers via two sales channels: Third Party, whereby our broker partners distribute to the end customer; and Direct, whereby our mobile lenders and satellite licencees distribute the products direct to our customers. Loans lender is one of Australia's largest non-bank lenders. Having offices throughout Australia means that although we are a national company, our knowledge and experience always remains local.

Loans lender is the only non-bank mortgage originator to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. This provides our clients and investors with the assurance that our company is backed by nationwide strength and security. Being publicly listed also means we have to adhere to the ASX's strict standards on reporting and transparency in the way we run our business. We are also quality endorsed with ISO 9001: 2000.

At Loans lender we pride ourselves on listening and responding to our customer's needs. Our commitment to providing outstanding service, and the promise that our customers are able to speak to real people, not machines when they call, has been reinforced by several industry awards. With a customer base of approximately 40 000 and a loan book around $4 billion dollars we continue to provide our clients with the services they require to achieve their dreams of home ownership.

What type of loans are there?

Below is a brief description of some of the types of loans we offer at Homeloans Ltd. You can find product details by clicking below, or for a full description on all our products, speak to one of our consultants, call 13 38 39. Standard Home Loan - A traditional loan for owner-occupiers or investors. Most suitable for borrowers who require a flexible loan with all the features whilst still receiving a competitive variable or fixed interest rate.

Standard Options at Standard Rates

If you are buying a new home and haven't sold your current one our Go-Between standard loan will fund the purchase of your new home with no extra repayments for six months or until you sell your current property. Want to pay off your home sooner? Our 100% Offset Loan will help your savings reduce the amount of interest your pay. Plus, you still have easy access to your savings at the same time.

Lo Doc Loan - If you are self employed and unable to provide all the documentation you need for a standard loan our Lo Doc loans may be right for you. They have all the features of a Standard Loan without the hassle of providing mountains of paperwork. Lines of Credit - Ideal if you wish to eliminate debt as quickly as possible by making your money work smarter for you. The Line of Credit facility enables you to draw down and repay money as required.

You can use your Line of Credit for things such as renovations, paying bills, or investing. The best thing about a Line of Credit is you only need to draw the amount you need, so you don't pay interest on the money you don't use. Lo Doc Lines of Credit - If you happen to be self employed and are you unable to provide all the documentation you need for a standard line of credit, our Lo Doc products may be right for you. They have all the features of a Standard Line of Credit without the hassle of providing mountains of paperwork.

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