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Formoy Finance&Money Information Service. takes pride in providing honest survey for cash, cash for annuity counseling and services to you at the best value for your dollar. Our features is a huge selection of company, quote, counseling, solution, problem and more.
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We know that we are not your only option when it comes to selling your annuity payments. Simply put, we will provide courteous, honest service. We are not a huge, uncaring telephone bank ready to hook you up with whoever happens to answer the phone. We understand that trust is an important aspect of every customer relationship. In order to obtain court approval for the purchase of your payments, it is absolutely required that we talk regularly over the next two months or so. Why choose a funding company that is unwilling or unprepared to explain the process, to discuss your financial needs, or to provide courteous service that leads to a real relationship? Annuity Transfers will do all of this and provide competitive pricing based on your real life financial needs.

Annuity Transfers is a full service, direct buyer of annuity payments. We are a well-capitalized financial services company. Our money is available now to purchase your payments.

Though we appreciate our relationships with brokers of various financial transactions, we are not a broker. We work directly with our clients and fund each transaction immediately upon court approval of the transfer of structured settlement payments. We enjoy customer relationships and look forward to working with you and for you in getting cash for your annuity.

We do hundreds of surveys a year to help companies do a better job. Your opinions really do make a difference.

Here are some examples of how American Consumer Opinion online surveys have helped companies improve their products and/or services:
A passenger train system decided on new routes and learned how to improve service on its trains.
A Mexican salsa company figured out how much to adjust the "heat" level in its picante sauce to make it taste even better.
Guiltless Gourmet improved the taste of their wonderful snack chips.
A major airline identified the most comfortable types of seats for its airliners.

We Protect Your Privacy
To determine whether your household qualifies to participate in a particular survey, we need to know something about your household and its members. That's the purpose of the questions in the Registration Form.
Your opinions, information, and advice are confidential. Your answers are combined with other panel members' answers and reported as statistical summaries. Your individual answers will never be revealed to anyone without your explicit permission.
Your name and address will never be used for sales or advertising purposes, and your name will never be sold to anyone outside of our company.

More About Your Membership
Several times a year you will receive short surveys about your household's usage of certain products and services. Please be sure to answer these surveys, because they help us select households for follow-up surveys. Always be completely honest and frank in answering these surveys. When you complete one of these surveys, your name will be entered into a drawing for cash awards.
Membership is limited to one person per household. If more than one person per household fills out the Registration Form, we will only accept the first person who filled out a form.

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